24 Sept 2019

US Firebase in 10mm Day 4 from Timecast

US Firbase (Yester)Day 4 - The Battle!

So it was finished in time and the lads were suitably impressed! Didn't get time to make the barbed wire entanglements to match but we had a few to hand.

Scenario is Tet Offensive Day 3, VC forces have over run an ARVN base (the firebase) on the first day of Tet, which was last week's game and inspired me to make the model as a few trenches and a ruined factory weren't cutting it!

Last night's action was a counter attack by ARVN Mechanized Infantry in M113s with a couple of M24's and a couple of M8's in support.

The ARVN took their time to get into position, losing a few M113's and an M8, the VC laying down some fearsome fire. However it wasn't enough, the ARVN tanks, armoured cars, APC's and infantry reply was devastating and once their supporting artillery added to the shooting the writing was on the wall. Unfortunately we had to call a halt just as the VC were sending reinforcements.

US Firebase

US Firebase picture 1

US Firebase picture 2

US Firebase picture 3

US Firebase picture 4

US Firebase picture 5

US Firebase picture 6

US Firebase picture 7

US Firebase picture 8

US Firebase picture 9

US Firebase picture 10

US Firebase picture 11


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