19 Sept 2019

Dropzone Commander V2.1 Unit Balance Changes September 2019 from TTCombat

Dropzone Commander V2.1 Unit Balance Changes September 2019 from TTCombat

It’s September, 3 months after the units were locked down for Dropzone Commander so it’s time for a balance refresh.

We’ve had a lot of feedback from the community, we’ve had a look at the units that were being used, and the units that were just ignored and after a lot of tinkering, we’ve got some changes to make. This is also a chance to fix a few errors in units stats. These are already live in the Army Builder. Which you may notice has had a massive redesign after community feedback.

Unit changes are done to either make a unit that’s too powerful that bit more balanced, to try to improve the overall design of a faction and to give weak units a buff. As always, please do give us feedback on these changes and we will be watching for the next balance pass.

Kodiak: Cost increased to 125pts.

Seraphim: Increased the Devastator Value of Bunker Buster Spread to Devastator-4(Scenery). Points decreased to 90pts.

Fireblade: Changed Accuracy of Flamethrower to 2.

Crossbow: Changed Destroyer Value of Sharpshot Laser to Destroyer 5+.

Broadsword: Changed Energy value of Mythslayer Railguns to 13. Changed Devastator value of Mythslayer Railguns to Devastator-3(Vehicle).

Ferrum Drone Base: Decreased cost of Command Centre to 10pts.

Starsprite Drones: Added Special Rule – “This units Focus ability can be used to combine shots from it’s whole squad”.

Albatross: Changed Damage to 9. Decreased points to 60pts.

Seraphim Retaliator: Lowered points cost to 110pts.

Archangel: Changed points to 45pts.

Eagle Heavy Gunship: Changed arc of Twin Heavy Rail Guns to F.

Mortar Team: Removed ** from Concussion Round name.

Flak Team: Corrected M&F of Sidearms to -.

Praetorian Sniper Teams: Changed Reduced value of Sidearms to Reduced-2.

Phoenix Command Gunship: Added Unique Rule: When this unit is destroyed instead of exploding it lands on the closest available spot. It is untargetable for the rest of this round. In the round up phase, the Phoenix takes off again with D3 Damage Points. It can only come back into the game like this once, the second time it crashes and explodes as normal.

Oppressor:  Halved shots of both alts of Plasma Carbine. Changed Razor Claws to R(f) 3″ R(c)3″ and Acc 2 Melee.

Annihilator: Can add Command Centre for 10pts (Cavebreaker model).

Prowler: Changed Plasma Probscosis (inject) to R(f)2″ and R(c)2″ and Acc 3+. Removed Special rule.

Stalker: Changed Razor Claws to R(f) 2″ R(c)2″ and Acc 3.

Ravager: Changed Razor Claws to R(f) 2″ R(c)2″ and Acc 3.

Screamer: Changed Huge Claws to R(f)3″ R(c)3″ and Acc 2.

Despoiler: Points changed to 70pts. Damage changed to 7.

Vampires: Added Special Rule – “This units Focus ability can be used to combine shots from it’s whole squad”.

Corsairs: Changed points to 40pts.

Warriors: Changed Arc of Plasma Pistols to F/S/R.

Aged Ones: Changed Arc of Ravening Attacks to F/S/R. Added – to M&F of Ravening Attacks.

Frostdrake: Changed Foe Crusher Cannon rules to: Devastator-3 (Tank, Walker).

Tarantula: Gravity Cannon. Changed rules to Devastator-2 (Tank, Walker). Added Special rule “Gravity Cannon: When firing the Gravity Cannon against Large targets, add 1 to the Devastator Value.”

Warspear: Decreased points to 60pts.

Thunderbird: Decreased points to 35pts.

Leopard: Decreased points to 75pts.

Gharial: Neutron Launchers: Swaped Devastator-3 (Scenery) for Area.

Samurai: Changed Energy Blade: R(f): 2” R(c): 2” Acc 2+ Melee

Ronin: Removed Assault Gauss Carbines.

Athena: Changed Points to 110pts.

Sappers: Demo IED changed to Devastator-4(Scenery).

Hellhog. Changed points to 125pts.

M3 Alexander: Changed points to 100pts.

Pizzaro Walker: Added new optional weapon to represent Rocket Pod option.

AT-90 Strikehawk Tiltrotor: Changed points to 100pts. Increase Movement to 20″.

Skulltaker Assault Transport: Decreased Movement to 16″.

M9 Hannibal. Changed arc of 90MM cannon to F.

M20 Shukov:. Changed arc of 90MM cannon to F.

Mehmed Siege Tank: Changed arc of 90MM cannon to F.

Barrel Bomber: Changed Acc on Frag Barrel to 3+.

Storm Wagon: Multiple Rocket Battery. Removed Area, Added Strafe-2. Added Unique Rule: Inaccurate: This weapon hits Destructible Buildings on a 4+.


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