13 Sept 2019

Infester News from Traders Galaxy

Infester News.

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Ok so i have updated the infester cards to return clones back into the mix. Under the old rules clones were the backbone of the infester faction and gave them a very old school
Undead play style.

The clone rules allow you to take duplicates for models in equal proportions to boost infester forces to almost plague proportions

The clones themselves are painted shades of grey and are much lesser beings than their originals despite looking physically identical.

Fluff wise its simply an ability to split off sections of their personality and imbue them into new clone bodies. In doing so, much of the strengths of the bot are lost leaving almost mindless automatons under the control of the original.

Game wise this introduces an interesting dynamic unique to the infesters faction. Multiple low powered minions whose fate is tied to the original bot. If the original dies then all other matching clones are removed from play immediately as their code flees to the ether to join the host code.

Its important that the rules for clones are strictly followed in that you must have equal clones across all original bots. There is a cool dynamic in play for the infesters player that takes clones. Do i risk the originals?

When designing the infesters play I really liked this dilemma. It reminded me of my old days playing undead in warhammer. Lots of mediocre models and one really good model. Infesters works like this. Take 3 originals and boost the rest of your force with clones and swarms. This is a scary force to face for your opponent who risks getting overwhelmed with numbers as those purple dice start to stack up.

Moving on to models. It is hoped that the Queen will be the first large model released for Bot War. And she will be an awesome model. Standing about 100mm tall she is a combat and ranged attack monster. Probably too cheap for her abilities. Only Warduke or Megatyrant could hope to go head to head with her.

Also the Queen will be the first Bot War model released in resin. There are no plans to release the regular sized Bots in resin. This is cost prohibitive. However all the the large Bots and buildings will be made in resin over the next few months.


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