12 Sept 2019

New Model Senua from Baphominiatures

New model Senua, available in 40mm, 15mm, 10mm, and 6mm sizes. Also available for digital down for resin 3D Printers.


Senua picture 1

Senua picture 2

Senua picture 3

Senua picture 4

Senua picture 5

Senua picture 6

Senua picture 7

Senua picture 8

Senua picture 9

Senua picture 10

Senua picture 11

Senua picture 12

Senua picture 13

Senua picture 14

Senua picture 15

The pilots trained to operate Platforms are familiar with the discomforts of battle and Platform interface itself. Often featuring a variety of implants to facilitate low latency response in their armored vehicles, these also serve to allow a HUD to be projected through the cerebrum’s visual facilities. Additionally, the implants allow seamless remote piloting of Platforms, a technique being employed more often by PMCs to keep mortality rates down and personnel replacement to a minimum.

This Pilot is perfect for basing dioramas or larger scale games.  She is available in 6mm, 10mm, 15mm and 40mm tall sizes. All in high detail.


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