23 Sept 2019

Overlords - Squidlorr WIP from Traders Galaxy

Overlords - Squidlorr work in progress....about half way.

Overlords - Squidlorr work in progress picture 1

Overlords - Squidlorr work in progress picture 2

I know many of you may thought Squilorr a joke when he first arrived on the stat cards. At 40 points he is the most expensive Bot War model to date.

However the Overlords are a very important faction to the Bot War universe. As the only faction that actually comes from out of space they are the only true alien faction. They are a wild card in Bot War.

As Bot War grows I would like to recruit faction ambassadors to each faction. Not officially recruit Inguess but support those who are totally into a faction. The job of those Ambassadors will be to basically be totally into each of their factions and have threads within this group totally dedicated to knowing all there is about that faction. Their job is to be totally biased for that faction.

Anyway, during their experimentation's, the Overlords can sometimes create something truly terrifying. Overlords like to experiment on aquatic species because their genetics are more “malleable” than most land dwelling animals. Overlord Gorg is no exception. As a right of passage all Overlords first need to build their own body. Essentially an Overlord is just a brain with tiny scuttling legs. Usually when they come of age they build their first techno organic body. But Gorg was different. When experimenting with the green ooze which is the essential ingredient to gene splicing, his small meagre arms split it into the vat holding the specimen for his own tentacle arms.

Needless to say that mistake cost Gorg his brood fathers lab as the resulting mutant Squid monster grew in seconds and preceded to destroy it. Gorg was barely saved by his father's loyal Shark Warriors.

Gorgs punishment for this was that he had to wait for his own body despite constantly harassing his father for one.

Years later when Gorg had ascended to Overlord, he had his household warriors find his first creation and attach a mind meld device to it. Hundreds of Shark Warriors died in the attempt however now Gorg has a behemoth creature that will follow his every whim. Powerful, destructive and 100% loyal, Squidlorr is the ultimate destructive force in the galaxy. So destructive it encouraged Gorgs rivals found a loophole, banning him from the arena, much to the protest of Gorg himself.

Now Squidlorr is the ultimate enforcer for Gorg and only the most powerful of Bots even stand and chance of containing him.

Traders Galaxy

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