18 Sept 2019

Bot War’s First Ever Stockists from Traders Galaxy

I'd like to give a shout out to Discover Games in Fayetteville USA. Allen and William will be Bot War’s first ever stockists! I hope you guys don’t mind too much being the guinea pigs as I work out the best deals for Bot War retailers across the globe

Discover Games will carry a range of Bot War stuff including the Starter set. Check them out next time you are around Fayetteville way or simply want some sets faster if you live in the USA.

For potential Retail store stockists. I am pretty confident I can get a store starter package to you with a 30-40% margin. I am committed to supporting indy stockists but I am new to trade deals so please be patient.

I am looking for a European stockist that can get around the hefty draconian customs charges.



Traders Galaxy

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