21 Sept 2019

News Update from Welsh Models

News Update from Welsh Models

News Update

We have issues at the moment with Tricia in hospital causing me increased lack of time with visiting etc. We are currently backlogged with orders but have emailed as many as I can to update them of the situation, If anyone isn't happy with the delay and have paid in advance, they are most welcome to e-mail me and I will return their monies asap. I am working the lists of sales in date order, but trying to run a business whilst under the stress of my wife being in intensive care etc, is stressful and time limiting in the same context. PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE don't send me well wishing emails as it will further seriously delay the time I can allot to packing orders etc, Its not that I don't appreciate as before when I have had the messages, but I need as much time to pack and get stuff where it rightfully belongs. As soon as things sort themselves out I will let you all know accordingly and hopefully I have a number of releases along with conversion kits etc to offer.

Welsh Models

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