30 Sept 2019

Battlegroup Northag from Plastic Soldier Company

Battlegroup Northag from Plastic Soldier Company

We are delighted to welcome you to our exciting new Battlegroup project – Battlegroup Northag. Northag has a fictional setting in 1983 as the Cold War bursts into life.

Battlegroup Northag is a little different from our established WW2 Battlegroup system. For those that know and love the Battlegroup system (and those of you that have yet to embrace Battlegroup!), Northag carries a lot of its DNA from the parent WW2 system, like the Battle rating system and army list building, but has been specifically designed and streamlined for the smaller scale of 10mm (1/144th) to allow for more vehicles on the table and longer gun ranges. No “parking lots” in this game! .

The first Northag book contains rules, scenarios, detailed equipment data and army lists for Soviet and British forces. Future expansions will bring US, West and East German, other Warsaw Pact and Nato forces to the table. We will also be doing an Arab Israeli supplement.

For Northag, we have specifically designed a range of 1/144th scale plastic miniatures, ideally arranged into well-priced company and platoon/troop boxed and blister packs to custom build you forces. We are investing in a new plastic injection moulding system which gives beautifully detailed but robust miniatures with a bit of “barrel flex” suitable for repeated handling on the tabletop and takes paint as well as traditional metal or hard plastic miniatures. Manufacturing will be in house which will give us complete control in supply chain management and ensure that the range will have a very high availability rate. We are very excited about our new plastic miniatures!

Please note, the new Battlegroup Northag rules system and miniatures range will only be available direct from The Plastic Soldier Company in our webstore and at wargames shows and certain selected retailers around the world. Also please note our retail partners will only be carrying the main unit and starter army box packs, smaller blister packs will only be available from The Plastic Soldier Company directly.

We will be doing something a little different to launch this exciting new range...…..

We will be running a Pre-order system to help raise manufacturing funds for a limited time period starting September 2019. If you join the pre-order program you can take advantage of some good discounts and a whole host of juicy freebies. You will also receive your goodies in February 2020, way ahead of the scheduled retail release April 2020

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Will, Warwick, Piers and the PSC Team

Battlegroup Northag
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