19 Sept 2019

10mm Panther from Victrix Ltd

We will be showing off the digital models that have been worked on so far plus we had a test plastic frame of a Panther done. It does look quite superb as the detail is really crisp and sharp, sharper than some larger scale models as we have to use smaller cutting tools for this size.

One of the exciting points of the test was too see how the tank commanders came out as this would dictate how we do the infantry sets. The detail came out great, being able to see a face, headphones, creases in clothing etc... so the infantry are going to look great.

A full game system is being worked on but we will look to release models before then, most likely at Salute 2020.

The first theatre is going to be Normandy 1944 with British, American and German forces. We plan to do Russians, Desert, Italy, early war so there is going to be years worth of releases (providing all goes well with customer support)

So I have to get back to my transfers orders but you should see something from Julian either Saturday or Sunday and I don't think you will be disappointed.

I have inserted a teaser photo of the first Panther I stuck together. It is about 4.5cm long.



Victrix Ltd

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