18 Sept 2019

News Update from Dark Fields Factory

After a long summer break we finally got back to work on the lines of models in preparation. We invite you to follow our page to not miss all the news and pictures of the new models coming.It will be a hot autumn!

Among the news coming will be published the pictures of the final models of the Future Nam line, with the completion of the Dino A-Team, the first special units and, in preview, the first study figures of the Rat Cong!!

The One, our line in 10mm,will see the presentation of the first complete regiment of Orcs, the first models of Wood Elves end new extra special characters.

Some models and props, for example the Undead line with warriors,characters and extra special weapons, will then be presented as work in progress and painted models. And then. news news and more news!

Thank you for your support and the enthusiasm you have given us, it will be a precious source of energy and stimulus to continue our projects to the best of our ability.

Do not hesitate to contact us and let us know your opinions and advice on how to improve and expand our projects!

Thanks so much Friends!

Dark Fields Factory

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