9 Jun 2019

Project Update #9: 3D Printable Roman Fort, Kickstarter from Printable Terrain

Project completed! Thanks you all !

Thanks all for your support in this project.

It was my first kickstarter project and for a first experience, it was a great one!
Especially thanks to your encouragement and suggestions you provided me. I think I’ve learned a lot for the future projects and it’s always so much rewarding when people actually love you work enough to give a few bucks for it!

If you are a bit disappointed that the second stretch goal isn’t reached, don’t worry about that. The stakes fences models are completed and I don’t see any reasons I would not add them in the files you will received!

What’s next ?

Kickstarter will collect you pledges in the next days. If you missed the deadline for pledging, please contact me and I will arrange something.

The files are ready and I will group them in .zip file. Once Kickstarter give me the go, I’ll send you a link to download the files.

I will remain available to answer any question you may have about the models but I’d like to ask one more thing from you : once you have printed and/or painted some of the models, I would love that you share the pictures with me and other people. For that, best would be to connect to my facebook group http://bit.ly/FBGrpPrintableTerrain. If you don’t use facebook or don’t want to connect to the group, please send me the pictures and I will post them on your behalf.

I’m sure you will create astonishing displays!

Future plan ?

I’ve received a lot of enquiry about 28mm scale so my next project will be to design a roman camp for that scale. That will allow me to pack a lot of details in the models.

After that, I’m thinking about gallic, celts , barbarian sceneries…

If you have any idea, just let me know.

Thanks again and kind regards,


Printable Terrain

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