10 Jun 2019

Revamped Marlburian codes from Pendraken Miniatures

Some of our Marlburian codes were done by a different sculptor many years ago so we thought it was about time to get them revamped!  The foot command, artillery crews and Austrian cuirassiers have all been replaced with nice new sculpts, which brings them into line with the other figures in this range.

For anyone needing any of the old figures, we'll still have the moulds here and can supply those for you to finish off existing armies.

18th Century Marlburian

MAL6    Foot command in tricorn

MAL6    Foot command in tricorn

MAL14 - MAL19    New artillery crews

MAL14 - MAL19    New artillery crews

MAL20    Austrian cuirassier

MAL20    Austrian cuirassier

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