11 Jun 2019

Trench Railway Released from Pendraken Miniatures

Something for the WWI gamers now, as we've released a complete trench railway system along with a Simplex locomotive to run on it!

These railways were developed during the trench warfare period of WWI to allow the delivery of food, ammunition and construction materials to the front line, where the usual transport networks had been destroyed.  These narrow gauge tracks created a connection to the standard gauge railways further back from the front line and proved extremely successful.  As well as the UK, similar railways were used by Russia, France and Germany, with a variety of gauges in use from 600mm to 750mm (ours is 600mm).

Simplex were known as Motor Rail during the war and were one of several producers of locomotives and wagons to run on these new trench railways.  We've done the early style of tractor with the open top, later versions had a covered roof over them and armoured side doors.  We've also done a small handcart as well, which could be pushed along the rail in front of the locomotive with smaller items or wounded soldiers on it.

WWI Trench Railway

SCN-NTR1   Simplex trench locomotive set (1 locomotive, 2 wagons, 1 handcart)   £5.00

SCN-NTR1   Simplex trench locomotive set (1 locomotive, 2 wagons, 1 handcart)

SCN-NTR2   Simplex trench locomotive (1)   £1.00

SCN-NTR2   Simplex trench locomotive (1)

SCN-NTR3   Wagons (2)   £4.00

SCN-NTR3   Wagons (2)

SCN-NTR4   Handcarts (2)   £1.00

SCN-NTR4   Handcarts (2)

SCN-NTR5   Stowage set (5 pieces)   £2.00

SCN-NTR5   Stowage set (5 pieces)

SCN-NTR6   Trench railway set (4 large straights, 2 small straights, 2 small curves, 2 large curves)  £12.00

SCN-NTR6   Trench railway set (4 large straights, 2 small straights, 2 small curves, 2 large curves)

SCN-NTR7   Trench railway junctions (2)  £5.00

SCN-NTR7   Trench railway junctions (2)

SCN-NTR8   Trench railway, damaged sections (2)  £2.50

SCN-NTR8   Trench railway, damaged sections (2)

Railway straight sections are 100mm long, curves are 90mm long, short straights/curves are 50mm long.  Junctions are 125mm long and the damaged sections are 50mm.

Next in the release queue is a bit of a surprise, so keep an eye out for that!

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