3 Jun 2019

Vietnam Additions Now Available from Pendraken Miniatures

Another feature of our Top 10 requests has been some additions for the Vietnam ranges, so we've got a few extra figures done to help fill some support roles in your forces!  This little batch includes a forward observer, a medic and a radio operator and rounds out our existing range nicely.

Vietnam American

V10    Forward observer, kneeling      £1.75

V10    Forward observer, kneeling

V11    Medic, kneeling      £1.75

V11    Medic, kneeling

V12    Radio operator, standing      £1.75

V12    Radio operator, standing

(Packs contain 10 figures)

More to come very soon with some Marlburian revamps and then the launch of our 1809 Napoleonic expansion, once all of the pre-orders have been posted out.

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