2 Jun 2019

10mm ACW Generic Ironclad from S T Cox Terrain

10mm ACW Ironclad

10mm ACW Ironclad picture 1

10mm ACW Ironclad picture 2

10mm ACW Ironclad picture 3

10mm ACW Ironclad picture 4

The Armoured Casemate Ironclad was created to offer a near invulnerable floating gun battery. Widely used by the Confederate Navy during the American Civil War, these warships were regarded as a threat to the regular Union fleet, which consisted of wooden and lightly armoured vessels. However they had a short lifespan, either destroyed by enemy fire or sunk by scuttling by retreating CSA forces. The Ironclad disappeared into obscurity after the ACW, with turreted warships proving to be the future.

Set contains 1 resin hull and 1 wooden funnel

hull length approx 220mm and 50mm at its widest.

Sold unpainted and  may require cleaning before use.

Polyurethane Resin cast in Silicone rubber moulds with a wax releasing agent. Handle with care if allergic to any of the mentioned materials.

S T Cox Terrain

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