28 Jun 2019

TB Line Teutonics Released from Pendraken Miniatures

The next batch of TB Line moulds is complete so we're very happy to announce that the Teutonics are back on sale!

This range has 8 codes covering mounted command, cavalry and infantry with a nice mix of sculpts in each.  We've also managed to find a couple of extra poses in the master moulds so both the 'Crossbowmen' and 'Heavy European infantry' have got an extra pose which might not have been available previously.  As with the other TB ranges, the horses and riders are separate castings and some of these also have separate shields.

For those who've not had any TB Line figures before, they match up very well to our own in both size and proportions.  We've not made any changes to the sculpts but they have been cleaned up for the new moulds and are much crisper castings.

TB Line Middle Age Teutonics

TB-4163   Mounted command group (15)   £5.50

TB-4163   Mounted command group (15)

TB-4164   Teutonic Knights (15)   £5.50

TB-4164   Teutonic Knights (15)

TB-4165   European Heavy Knights (15)   £5.50

TB-4165   European Heavy Knights (15)

TB-4166   Light cavalry with short weapons (15)   £5.50

TB-4166   Light cavalry with short weapons (15)

TB-4167   Light cavalry with lances (15)   £5.50

TB-4167   Light cavalry with lances (15)

TB-4168   Crossbowmen (30)   £5.50

TB-4168   Crossbowmen (30)

TB-4169   Light European infantry (30)   £5.50

TB-4169   Light European infantry (30)

TB-4170   Heavy European infantry (30)   £5.50

TB-4170   Heavy European infantry (30)

(Packs contain 15 cavalry or 30 infantry)

We'd bumped the Teutonics ahead of the Islamics so those will now be the next TB range to come back online.  We'll be getting to those once the Indian Mutiny range is all done and released.

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