15 Jun 2019

New York, New Releases from TTCombat

New York, New Releases from TTCombat

It’s time for more Tabletop Scenics kits!

Not only is Battle For Earth Out Today, but we have five new Sci-Fi X kits gracing the webstore too. Let’s look, shall we?

First of all, the High Line Track Straights. These little ones are great for elevating your games. A couple of packs of these (and some corners – see below) and you’ll have an awesome extra dimension to your city board. Choo choo!

The High Line Track Curve lets you wind your train line over the entire board, around buildings and over roads.

One of the coolest things about the High Line kits is the cover it gives smaller vehicles and infantry. Hide them under there and laugh as the larger vehicles and aircraft struggle to draw line of sight to your units!

The next kit for sale today is the Alphabet Tenements.

This nifty little kit makes two tenements, which are perfect for bulking out your board. Add them to the West Side Brownstones from last week and you’ll have a really dense urban board.

These buildings go together without glue (except for the little roof exit), which means you can flat pack them after the game. They also come with a couple of bridges that attach between the buildings, easily allowing you to make Linked Garrisons for your DZC games.

We saw the Midtown Academy on Teaser Tuesday, but here it is again!

This kit makes four different scenery pieces. Put that sports pitch on a bit of static grass and you have a neat little Tough scenery piece. All this for £8? Yes please!

I’ve saved the biggest until last this week. Introducing the Kicks Stadium!

This massive kit comprises of three different structures, which we play as three Linked Garrisons. They’re all massive though! How big? Check it out:

It really dwarfs that Rapier, huh?

Go Kicks!

All of these kits (and Battle for Earth – did I mention that?) are available to order now on the webstore. Put your order in over the weekend, and we’ll ship them out on Monday.

And don’t forget, all our show Exclusives are still available this weekend while Origins is on, so get them while you can!


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