28 Jun 2019

10mm Jersey Barriers from Blotz

We were recently asked for Jersey Barriers in multiple scales, so here they are

Jersey Barriers

Jersey Barriers

28mm (pack of 4) @ £4.00 (code: B28-WF-108)
20mm (pack of 4) @ £3.00 (code: B20-WF-107)
15mm (pack of 5) @ £3.00 (code: B15-WF-106)
10mm (pack of 6) @ £2.50 (code: B10-WF-105)

10mm (pack of 6) @ £2.50 (code: B10-WF-105)

A set of six Jersey Barriers suitable for use in a whole host of modern, ultra-modern and sci-fi settings such as Dropzone Commander.

Also suitable for use with N Gauge (2mm) model railways.

Each barrier is:
Height: 7mm.
Length: 17mm.
Width: 4mm
(measurements are approximate)

Blotz, MDF Terrain and Accessories

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