13 Jun 2019

June Pre-orders from Traders Galaxy

June Pre-orders from Traders Galaxy

Hi Fellow Bot War Lovers, Don’t forget June preorders!

Preorder Deceivers are on the website now. Receive a free exclusive Soniq model for any Deceiver Preorder before 20 June!! I have some early casts of these on the Bot War community group. They are some fantastic chunky models. Testament to the ethos of continual improvement I have here for Bot War.

Preorder the fantastic Starter Set in June and receive 2 amazing exclusive models - Chopper and Broadsword!!

Also, don’t forget all exisiting customers of the Traders Galaxy website have received a $10 coupon to spend in June!!! If you have ordered before but didn’t get your coupon, just type Junethanks in the box.

Your preorders are so important to Bot War and your early commitment to each preorder is very appreciated.

Only a few months ago preorders were a way of life for Bot War. Every single preorder has been delivered and most before the expected time.

For those just thinking about jumping in. Please feel free to pm me and let me know what your specific hurdles are. I am always looking for this feedback in the hope of continually refining my products to make your experience as a Bot War customer better.

As most of you know. I am a manufacturer. So Bot War is not going anywhere and will continue to be supported. Please continue to promote the current game and please continue to invite your fellow war gamers to this page.


Traders Galaxy

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