22 Jun 2019

Brand New Items In Store from Baphominiatures

There’s a lot of new items in the store, here’s what to look for:

First up is a new 6mm and 10mm pilot. By far the most popular items in the store, this pilot adds flexibility to dioramas with its included ladder. Thanks to the Solus, we are able to not only produce a durable and detailed 6mm pilot, but a ladder as well that can be cut to size. This lets you set the scene for a pilot scrambled for combat maneuvers.  The detail has to be seen to believed.

6mm and 10mm pilot picture 1

6mm and 10mm pilot picture 2

6mm and 10mm pilot picture 3

A new Mech Platform has appeared. The EMP-3030 Empress is ready to march out onto the battlefield.

EMP-3030 Empress

Size isn't everything, and the Tormentor is a light hovercraft capable of providing fast fire support.


Taking to the skies, the Libellule VTOL and Falke fast attack chopper are available to dominate the skies.

Falke fast attack chopper

Libellule VTOL

And finally, both the Tormentor and Empress are available for digital download so that you can 3D print your own!




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