2 Jun 2019

10mm ACW Generic Monitor from S T Cox Terrain

10mm ACW Monitor

10mm ACW Monitor picture 1

10mm ACW Monitor picture 2

10mm ACW Monitor picture 3

10mm ACW Monitor picture 4

The USS Monitor and subsequent Monitor class warships were created to deal with the CSA's emerging threat of Ironclads. Smaller, as well armoured and equipped with a turret the monitor was more than ready to face its opponent. Much like the Ironclad the monitor class ship became obsolete, however many of it's design features were incorporated into later warships.

Set contains 1 resin hull, and one resin turret.

hull length approx 140 mm and 40mm at its widest.

Sold unpainted and  may require cleaning before use.

Polyurethane Resin cast in Silicone rubber moulds with a wax releasing agent. Handle with care if allergic to any of the mentioned materials.

S T Cox Terrain

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