12 Jun 2019

Teaser Tuesday 2 – Lost in New York from TTCombat

Teaser Tuesday 2 – Lost in New York from TTCombat

We’re heading back to New York this week!

With Battle for Earth looming (seriously, it’s this Friday), we’re heading back to New York for the next round of Sci-Fi X releases. Want some teased? Read on!

We have five new releases this Friday to join the pre-orders, let’s look at just a few today.

The first kit this week is the Midtown Academy.

This kit provides some great low scenery that’s super easy to build. The football pitch is excellent scatter (maybe Tough terrain in Dropzone games?), and the gap in the Midtown Academy that leads through to the quad is the right size for a Sabre to fit through easily!

And the other two we’re going to spoil today are the High Line Curve and High Line Straights. These handy kits add a literal other dimension to games of Dropzone Commander, allowing tanks, walkers, and even infantry (good luck) to be dropped onto the top of the train line, giving an excellent vantage point and cover from anyone on street level. We’ve got more High Line kits coming soon too, which means you’ll be able to extend your train across the entire board!

That’s it for today, we’ll have the rest of the releases (including one of the biggest yet made) on Friday, so make sure to pop back then!


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