31 Jan 2019

Printable Terrain


I’ve been playing wargames with miniatures or collecting toy soldiers for more than 40 years now. For the last 9 years, I have been an official dealer for several toys soldiers makers selling them through the Internet or at show in Belgium, France and UK.

What became my favourite part of this activity was to create and sell terrain/scenery that would enhance the toy soldiers display.

What was the best part of my activity became also the most frustrating : it was interesting and challenging to design new pieces, a bit less to reproduce  them several times. On top of this frustration was the lack of time I had to produce sufficiently to respond my customers requests.

It’s quite naturally that I think 3D printing would solve this dilemma : allow me to design new pieces  and let the wargamers /diorama builders print exactly what they need.

I will be starting with a roman camp for 10mm/12mm figures that can be easily 150% resized to fit 15mm figures.

I will be posting update on my work. In the meantime I’m also thinking on the way to distribute the  .stl files.

Ancients, Roman Fort

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Michel Harlange






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