4 Oct 2019

Update from Traders Galaxy

Update from Traders Galaxy


I have updated the Trashers cards as their trial period is almost over.

I am myself quite excited over this faction as it is the most extreme outlier for the game to date. Overall it has been quite tough to balance out these compared to the other factions because of almost the complete lack of ranged attack.

I also didn't want them to be a horde army. Initially i was going with repair as a way to represent their above average resilience. However this wasnt working great because it was using up a valuable activation. In the end i have decided to add 1 additional damage to Trashers compared to similarly classed Bots. Furthermore they have a high prevalence of combat shields throughout the force.

Trashers will take some serious damage getting into close attack however they should crush everything but the largest bots once in close attack. The trick will be how to stay outside of 10” initially and still being able to make it into combat.

Finally, i have added two new units to the Trashers. It didn't feel right that Trashers had bots that acted like batteries, because what Trasher would skulk around in terrain? But Trashers using generators around made more sense. These can be destroyed but also generate some good energy for the Trashers force. Really its their achilles heel.

There are two more Trasher related sets to be released down the track to complete the faction.



Traders Galaxy

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