7 Mar 2017

Samson & Goliath by Good Ground LLC

  Samson & Goliath by Good Ground LLC

One of the coolest things ever - I just got the first cast versions of two new models for my Gourmet Guns line sculpted by Toby Barrett. The 20Lb. Parrott Rifle is the largest piece deployed in the field during the American Civil War. The Smallest, well that just might be the 12Lb. Pack Howitzer. Both are coming soon to Good Ground Miniatures. They are pictured with, of course, our gunners. The Parrott's crew are depicted as US gunners running up the piece, while the pack Howitzer has a few of our CS Loading crew.

I also plan to have a 24Lb Howitzer Barrel for the Heavy Field Carriage as well as the 12Lb Mountain Howitzer with Prairie Carriage.

Good Ground LLC

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