17 Mar 2017

10mm Germanic Tribesmen from Van Dyck Models

10mm Germanic Tribesmen from Van Dyck Models

Barbarians at the gates, New release: Germanic Tribesmen!

Although some packs were already available on "crisis 2016" last year and some more at the "Hamburger Tactica" we finally (and after much delay) have them available at our online website as well.

Causing all this delay was partly because I got carried away on the diversity of this range, altogether there are over 60 different new figurines. The few information available states ancient Germanic tribesmen did not wear any protective headgear so I invested a lot in making different heads. I made an effort to depict the various ways these warriors arranged their hair, certainly a considerable part of them wears the famous "Suebian" knot. No uniforms so I made a selection of different breeches, long and short ones, with and without puttees, shirts both with and without sleeves.

In the next few weeks I will present all the different packs available, starting with the young warriors, who will probably make up the bulk of the army. Their equipment is very basic for they have only a shield and one weapon, mostly the spear, with them. Most of them wear no beards. It won't be the new standard but a pack of these warriors contains 30 different miniatures.

Van Dyck Models

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