31 Mar 2017

Cold War 84 Update by Timecast

Stocks of the new 1980s Soviet infantry have arrived and we will be posting out the advance orders as quickly as we can pack them.

The new BTR 60PB looks lovely and the production mould will hopefully be up and running in time for Salute. The BMP M-1976 is also ready for a production mould. Pictures of these two models will be on the web site shortly.

Here's some pics of the painted BMPs instead…

BMPs picture 1

BMPs picture 2

BMPs picture 3

And now the computer news.

We have just installed a new office PC. Unfortunately it arrived with the appallingly dreadful Windows 10 installed on it. Having spent two days trying to install and replace the even more appallingly dreadful Windows 10 Mail we now have our email back up and running. If you have emailed us over the past couple of days and have not had a reply please try again or phone us – we may have lost some emails but we don't know (Thanks for nothing Microsoft). :-(

In addition, due to the times spent on the new PC, we have not been able to update the website. As soon as we have the required graphics and web editing software up and running on the new PC we'll get pictures of the new stuff on the website.


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