10 Mar 2017

More WWII Vehicles by Pendraken Miniatures

The vehicle production line continues this week, with a mix of revamps and new models for you now.

First up we've got an addition for the French, in the form of the Laffly W15 TCC, or “Tracteur Chasseur de Chars”, meaning tank hunter tractor.  Only 62 of these were made but it's a handy little addition to the range.  Moving on to the Germans, with the newer Tigers now in circulation we've had the Sturmtiger conversion done as well.

Finally, we've got three releases for the Soviets.  With our revamped KV chassis' we've now been able to make some much better IS-2 and ISU-152 models, plus as a new addition we've got the ISU-122 as well.  This lot were produced in rather larger numbers, with 3850 x IS-2's, 1150 x ISU-122's and a massive 4,600 x ISU-152's made.  So you'll need a few for your armies...!

WWII French

FRE59    Laffly W15 TCC     £2.80

FRE59    Laffly W15 TCC

WWII German

GR85    Sturmtiger     £3.50

GR85    Sturmtiger

WWII Soviet

SV39    IS-2     £3.20

SV39    IS-2

SV43    IS-152     £3.20

SV43    IS-152

SV78    IS-122     £3.20

SV78    IS-122

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