17 Mar 2017

Ancient Warfare XI-1, Apr-May 2017

Ancient Warfare XI-1, Apr-May 2017

Ancient Warfare XI.1 with Archery in the ancient world. Heavy infantry and cavalry often got the glory, but archers on foot and horseback often played an important role on the battlefield.

Theme: Archery in the Ancient World

Murray Dahm, 'Archery in the Ancient World - Historical introduction'.
Matasha Mazis and Nicholas Wright, 'The archers - Cretan mercenaries in Seleucid service'.
Cristian Violatti, 'The crossbow in Qin China - Lock & Load!'.
Paul Elliott, 'Pharaoh's bowmen - Archers in ancient Egypt'.
Phillip Garland, 'Archers, backbone of the Neo-Assyrian army - Terror of my frightful weapons'.
Nadeem Ahmad, 'The Sogdian heavy cavalryman - Traded wealth'.
Matt Bisek, 'The Battle of Carrhae, 53 BC - Crassus' Parthian blunder'.
Andrew Knighton, 'Archers in the Roman legions - Rome's forgotten fighters'.
Melody Stach, 'A history of horseback archery - Shooting from the saddle'.

Tacticus, 'The strategic use of bowmen - The art of tactics'.
Dr. Mike Thomas, 'Facts and myths about Roman sheet armour - Lorica segmentata'.
Gareth Williams, 'Evaluating some myths of Marathon - Strategy or necessity'.
Joseph Hall, 'The first centurion - Marcus Caelius'.

Ancient Warfare

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