3 Mar 2017

Revamped FT-17s by Pendraken Miniatures

While I've been busy with BKC, Dave's had the moulding machine working overtime to get a load of new vehicles sorted in time for Hammerhead this weekend.  First up we've got some brand new FT-17's, with round and hexagonal turrets in both 37mm and machine gun variants.  Plus we've added the command tank for good measure!

WWI French

F36  FT-17, hexagonal turret, 37mm    £2.80

F36  FT-17, hexagonal turret, 37mm

F37  FT-17, hexagonal turret, MG    £2.80

F37  FT-17, hexagonal turret, MG

F38  FT-17, round turret, 37mm    £2.80

F38  FT-17, round turret, 37mm

F39  FT-17, round turret, MG    £2.80

F39  FT-17, round turret, MG

F40  FT-17 Command tank    £2.80

F40  FT-17 Command tank

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