3 Mar 2017

Even More Shermans by Pendraken Miniatures

We've gone a bit Sherman mad recently, but this lot finishes off all of the variants we've got planned for the US lists.  There's a few more coming for the Brits, but we'll update with those when they're ready.  This little collection have got the mid-war hull with a selection of turrets.

WWII American

A66  M4A1 Sherman, mid-war, 75mm    £3.00

A66  M4A1 Sherman, mid-war, 75mm

A67  M4A1 Sherman, mid-war, early 76mm    £3.00

A67  M4A1 Sherman, mid-war, early 76mm

A68  M4A1 Sherman, mid-war, late 76mm    £3.00

A68  M4A1 Sherman, mid-war, late 76mm

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