8 Mar 2017

Good Ground: "Is Your Army on Good Ground?

Over the last two years, I have expanded the number of codes available from Good Ground Miniatures. I thought I might take some time to demonstrate what is possible with the many codes and poses now available. Frock Coats, Shell Jackets Sack Coats, Kepis, Kepis and Havelocks, Forage Caps, all in so many poses that it is impossible to give you an exact number. Suffice to say, you will never feel lacking in variety for 10mm American Civil War figures when you go with Good Ground Miniatures.

CS Bde Pack picture 1

CS Bde Pack picture 2

This is a Confederate Brigade with an early-mid war configuration, featuring a mix of frocks, shells, Kepis and Slouch Hats.

Militia Figures

Our Up Alabamians pack shown here includes figures in frock coats with both kepis and kepis with havelocks.

Yanks picture 1

Yanks picture 2

Union boys marching and firing are shown here in forage caps.

Variety of pose

They can be had in numerous configurations of head gear and uniforms.


Zouaves in Turban

Yes, Zouaves come in as many headgear varieties as well.

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