16 Dec 2019

Quick Update from Traders Galaxy

As we get closer to Christmas and the inevitable New Year I thought I would give a quick update. After all, Traders Galaxy unofficially started 1 January 2016 with just $5. Looking forward what can be expected from Traders Galaxy and Bot War in 2020?


All new Deceivers!
Red Star Nations cyborgs, vehicles and DINOBORGS!
New Unstable mutation shark warriors!
Gator warriors
More interactive terrain - such as - snake corp missile defence silo!!
More Bot War accessories such as clear bases, game markers for in game effects such as blind, null rat etc.
New Traders Galaxy models (finally)
New winter snow Bot War battlemat. Snow trees.
Bot war printed Stat card sets
New infantry sets

And hopefully free trial expansion rules for larger Bot War conflicts, more stories and background.

Bring on 2020!

Traders Galaxy

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