6 Dec 2019

New Commanders: UCM Wolf & Scourge Despot from TTCombat

New Commanders: UCM Wolf and Scourge Despot from TTCombat

With the new UCM and Scourge starter sets going on Pre-Order today we have also opened pre-orders for the UCM Wolf and the Scourge Despot. Let’s take a look at these two new units.

UCM Wolf picture 1

First of all is the UCM Wolf. This is a fast and mobile commander based on an upgraded Wolverine Chassis. The UCM lacked a mobile ground based Commander and therefore the UCM designers and engineers  have been hard at work.

UCM Wolf picture 2

With it’s Multi-Missile array, the Wolf is a threat to medium armour and aircraft alike. It’s aerial tracking systems allows it to fire at Aircraft it can’t even see with the indirect rule, however the time it takes to gain a target lock means it cannot reaction fire.

UCM Wolf picture 3

Against Ground targets, 3 shots (1 shot at Strafe-3) of Energy 9 with Penetrative mean nothing is safe from the Wolf. Very much in favour among the more reckless of UCM Commanders, often younger, more adventurous Commanders desperate to gain Glory.


Often seen delivering the Wolf into combat is the new Titania Pattern Raven. Though functionally very much the same as the standard Raven, the Titania factories are churning these out with the UCM’s complement of Wolf vehicles.

Scourge Despot picture 1

Next is the Scourge Despot. Being seen more and more as the Battle For Earth rages on, these exemplify many Scourge tactics. Short Range with abilities to make it easy to capture live troops for new Scourge hosts, the UCM Legions have learned quickly to fear it.

Scourge Despot picture 2

It’s Twin Plasma hoses are powered well enough to fire twice in quick succession and with Focus-3 can be used to melt through well armoured vehicles.

Scourge Despot picture 3

However it’s weaponry is not the main focus of the Despot. The strange, alien structure on the back, giving it the appearance of a bug with wings, creates a Subjugation field. This slows down all units in it’s range, and makes it hard for Infantry in buildings to find objectives. This makes it far easier to kill enemies or capture them for future hosts.

Both of these units are now available on the Web Builder. And are available to Pre-Order from the TTCombat Store. So if you need a small Commander for your UCM or Scourge army, take a look.

Both of these Commanders are also available in their respective Army Starter Boxes, which have increased significantly in value, so if you want to start a Dropzone Commander UCM or Scourge army, there has never been a  better time.


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