26 Dec 2019

December Update from Traders Galaxy

December Update from Traders Galaxy

December Update:

Hi All, just chillin out on Boxing Day, contemplating a pool swim.  Thought I would post up a little update for the New Year.


I hope to continue my drive for improved model quality in 2020. The first of these models will be the Beastlords. Not only are the Beastlords some of the best sculpts for Bot War they will also be produced in full resin. Not only that, i have managed to reduce the price of these models as well.

This greatly increases the value for you, my customers. More highly detailed quality models in resin for a slightly lower price.
In addition to this i have placed the Beastlords on preorder now. This will be available until the end of January only. As an incentive for your support, I am offering early pre-orders a significant discount over the rrp. The Beastlords will ship mid to late March.

I am hoping that the preorders for the all new Deceivers will land around february in a similar way for a late April release date.
Please note that the current characters, Siren, Terror, Panic, Dread, Sorrow and Anger will be updated with amazing new models.
These will be added to all new models - Ravenous, Avaricon, Malicon, Narcitron, 4 new cassettes, Sloth(working title name). These changes to the Deceivers will be a part of the background changes and i have already started to drop small short stories explaining in detail the events and characters in this change. There will be some casualties in the current range when this completes, however no characters will be written out of the game and the stat cards for any casualties will remain as a free 2nd ed downloadable resource on the website.

There are no plans to make existing Bot War models in resin at this stage.

Believe it or not, the amount of $$$ i have sunk into terrain has far exceeded anything else. However I still believe that terrain is a very important part of the Bot War brand. There are very few 1980s style 10mm terrain items out there. The city release pre-orders will all be fulfilled on time but I have taken the reluctant decision to halt sales of the buildings and return them back to development and production. This temporary set back will mean cheaper, easier to produce city buildings.

Other terrain items have also been developed already and production in resin will start soon.

Log cabin
Army barracks buildings
Military buildings
Army secret hangar
Power pylons and turbines

I also have been extensively investigating scale trees in green and snow as well as two possible new Bot War battlemats.

Accessories are also ready to hit the go button on. Tokens for in games effects like Blinded or Invisible as well as Clear bases of all Bot War sizes.

Next month-

Next month sees the delayed Builder and Destroyer orders shipped.

Also, the Buddy Bundle will be available as well. The Buddy Bundle will only be available in limited numbers for January so you need to get in quick.

The Beastlords are available through January with just 25 pre-orders of each available.

The exclusive for January is forked tongue however you will also get to choose any previous second ed exclusive for every $75 over the $150 threshold.

The exclusives available for January will be -

Broadsword two handed sword version
Scope - Deceiver duelist
Basher - Trasher
Chopper exclusive version
Unreleased Deceiver Cassettes
Unreleased Valiant cassettes
Unreleased Valiant - “Bruce”
Unreleased Valiant - “AC”
Unreleased Valiant - “Squat”

I will try to get out pics of therenover the next week. This will be the last chance to get a few of these because of mould deterioration.

Traders Galaxy

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