5 Dec 2019

Final Sculpt WIP for Red Star Nations from Traders Galaxy

Final Sculpt work in progress for Red Star Nations from Traders Galaxy

Helicopter Gunships

Helicopter Gunships picture 1

Helicopter Gunships picture 2

Helicopter Gunships were the first line of defence for Red Star when Gorg’s attacks started and they remain a pillar if defence for the Nation. Their versatility, speed and formidable arsenal has made them now more numerous than any other Red Star warmachine. Certainly in the initial wave of of Shark Warrior attacks the entire supply of Red Star ground armour was decimated. Shark Warriors are particularly powerful against ground based vehicles and their massive jaws shred through metal like its just tin foil.

However it became apparently that the helicopter gunships were a different story and the shark warriors struggled to shoot them down. Some resorted to even trying to swat them away with their guns which would have been comical had not some succeeded.

Even so the helicopter gunships lead the air based contingent for red star nations and the dinoborgs head up the ground based forces for Red Star.

Traders Galaxy

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