11 Dec 2019

Advent Calendar 11 from TTCombat

Advent Calendar 11 from TTCombat

It’s day 11, and time for new Dropzone Commander!

The Dropzone door is opening up, and there’s some treats behind!

Dropzone door is opening up

Door 11 has some pictures of brand new Commanders!

We’ve seen the UCM’s Wolf LAV and the Scourge Despot released in the Starter Armies last week. These are just two of the new smaller Commanders, so we thought we’d show the rest.

A few of you may have seen some pictures of prototypes of these from the London Grand Tournament this year, and a scant few might even have one!

PHR Proteus picture 1

PHR Proteus picture 2

The PHR have got the aid of the Proteus, a brand new Aircraft type Commander!

This awesome little piece of kit brings in design elements from the Aegaeon, notably the big central fan. The sleek design of the PHR is very evident, turning even this dumpy little craft into a work of pure design beauty.

You’ll have no doubt noticed the EM plates on the front, similar to the Erebus Strike Walker, which activate when it lands, giving PHR players some nice interference from their Commander unit!

Resistance Hovercraft 1

Resistance Hovercraft 2

Resistance are up next, and they get a brand new Hovercraft.

The Hydra is a smaller, personal Hovercraft (although its big enough for a few extra crew too) which is around a third of the size of a Kraken. It’s got plenty of missiles and some handy communication gubbins for your Commanders!

Personally I’m very happy to see more varied Hovercrafts in the Resistance!

Shaltari Daimyo 1

Shaltari Daimyo 2

Finally we have something a little different for the Shaltari. The Daimyo is a brand new Infantry Commander, although that walking battlesuit is only just classified as infantry really!

The Daimyo likes to take the fight to the enemy in true warmongering Shaltari fashion. However when things get a bit too dicey, their personal bodyguard are ready with a nanomachine-constructed personal Gate to whisk them all off out of harm’s way.

These new three Commanders will be out next year alongside updated Starter Armies for all three factions. And these are just the first of the new Dropzone models on their way too! We’ve seen brand new unit types every two weeks in our Dropzone restocks, with plenty more new things to come too!

If you’re keenly waiting for these new Commanders, let us know! In the meantime, there’s loads of Dropzone goodness in the TTCombat webstore, including the ridiculously popular Downtown New York White Box Bundle.


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