6 Dec 2019

New Releases Dropzone Commander from TTCombat

New Releases Dropzone Commander from TTCombat

New Dropzone things are here!

Right everyone, we have loads of new Dropzone sets back once again, so let’s get stuck in and have a look what’s new.

Dropzone Commander

UCM Starter Army

The UCM Starter Army has hit the stores in its Condor’d glory. That’s a word.

The set has a massive army in it, and a bunch of other things too! Let’s just look at the contents:

6 Sabre battletanks
6 Rapier AA tanks
12 bases of UCM Legionnaires
4 Bear APCs
6 Condor dropships
1 Wolf LAV
1 Titania pattern Raven light dropship
2 Fastplay reference cards
1 clear acrylic Blast marker
That’s a whole lot of stuff! Almost a whole army in fact. It’s twice as big as it used to be, and comes in at… *checks price*

*checks price again*

£35! That can’t be right. Let’s look at the Scourge one…

Scourge Starter Army

The Scourge Starter Army is equally as big, containing the Scourge equivalent of a whole army!

6 Hunter battletanks
6 Reaper AA tanks
12 bases of Scourge Warriors
4 Invader APCs
6 Marauder dropships
1 Despot Command Walker
1 Intruder light dropship
2 Fastplay reference cards
1 clear acrylic Blast marker
Again, all this for the low, low price of £35!

But what if you don’t want to spend out for a whole army (or have a mountain of grey sprues watching and judging you), but still want the new commanders?

Wolf and Raven

The Wolf LAV is available in a separate pack!

This tiny new Commander is fast and dishes out a lot of firepower. With optional AA missiles with the Indirect special rule, you can get close up for the Influence radius but hide its low profile away from enemy shots!

The pack also comes with the new Titania pattern Raven, which is the first separate place you’ll be able to get it!

These two together come in at £10.


The Despot command walker is available separately for the Scourge as well.

This thing is a fair amount larger than the Wolf, with the armour and weapons to prove it! With a Twin Plasma Hose and Armour 15, it’s already a deadly addition to a Scourge army.

However, it’s also a Command choice so provides a great mobile base for your Commander. The real draw is the Micro Subjugation Field though, which limits enemy actions within a small radius. It works great against Infantry in Garrisons, making it a very dangerous and annoying unit!

The Despot is also on sale today for £10.


The Dropzone Commander Token set is out last Dropzone release today.

The set comes with blue acrylic Scan Tokens and Reaction Fire tokens, which make playing multiple actions very easy.

The coloured C-shaped tokens are super helpful! Activation markers for each of your Battlegroups help you keep track of activations in a big game. They’re that shape to fit round a flight stand, so they make playing with lots of Auxiliary Transports much easier! You get eight of them in five colours, so you should be able to play a pretty big game.

Finally there’s a set of 12 red dice in there, perfect for keeping an eye on Collateral Damage. Simply pop one on a scenery piece and count up or down!

This set of acrylic tokens (48 of them!) and dice comes in at £10.

All of these goodies are available to buy or pre-order today. Head over to the TTCombat webstore to get yours!


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