5 Dec 2019

Project Update #28: Infernal Chaos Dwarfs & Hobgoblins Miniatures, Kickstarter from Dancing Yak Miniatures

Project Update #0: Infernal Chaos Dwarfs & Hobgoblins Miniatures, Kickstarter from Dancing Yak Miniatures

Hobgoblins and evil dwarf miniatures in 10mm and 28mm scales.

Same message that i posted to fb . a few messages here I still need to reply to then should be caught up on replies. 

Hi all I apologize to all for lack of update or respond to replies. Have been completely offline due to my health and family concerns. I appreciate everyone's patience understanding and kind words to replies ive already sent via message . will try to get rest out tonight if not tomorrow . Have been sick on and off for last two months. was already as all know behind due to losing a team member.Ran myself into ground trying to keep up and ended up falling farther behind .I got a bad infection which held up a little over a month ago. due to my immune system being compromised came down with pneumonia.Had put off going to doctors due to not having insurance. thought i had minor case of bronchitis which would heal. was mistaken anti bios or other meds caused or reopened an ulcer which has been fun but has finally seemed to heal back on real food and eating almost normal . went from 161 with being hydrated to 148 and now back to 153 im 6'4 . also managed to throw out my back last week picking my grandfather up and have spent most of the week in bed. I take care of them unpaid and what little time and energy ive had has been spent on them .I apologize as i could of spent a hour or two a few days when was a little better posting I put off due to hoping i would feel better the next day and anxiety .have started taking something to help with anxiety now that ulcer has cleared up and off antibios. progress has started on free model and will have proper update by the weekend for everyone regardless. Will be working this rest of week and weekend and hope to feel normal within a week or so . I dont think im able to put in my best atm but back to it and there will be progress and updates now . Have already added a few freebees and upgrades .as said before there will be longer wait then planned but plan on making it worth everyone's while .will figure out something out .

please feel free to message any questions comments concerns.


Dancing Yak Miniatures

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