7 Dec 2019

Domino from Traders Galaxy

Domino has only recently rejoined the Valiant contingent after being separated for several months. Domino and his sidekick Transistor were in part of the Valiant ship that broke off and crashed into Earth. Landing on the coast of the Orient, Domino and Transistor had to flee King Gills invasion forces.



The King was keen to capture the two Bots alive, at the time having never seen their like before, he had thought them new warmachines from the Democracy or Red Star Nation. Initially the King was impressed by not only the ability for these puny nations to create such impressive technology but also in their ability to keep it so secret.

It was Domino and Transistors very existence that paused a global Atlanticans incursion for a single day. Should this not have happened maybe the meeting between the main Valiant force and the Democracy militia may never have happened.

Domino has the Hide super ability and the Host special rule.

Transistor is a cassette that has the Hide super ability.

Full rules coming soon.

Traders Galaxy

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