10 Dec 2019

Ancient Celts, Gauls & British Listings from Kallistra

Ancient Celts, Gauls and British Listings from Kallistra

As requested by several customers, here's the 12mm Hordes and Heroes Ancient Celts: Gauls and British listings. We are currently manufacturing the first production run and the first ones will be released later this week!

CE-01 Warrior attacking – Singles figures
CE-02 Warriors Standing – Singles figures
CE-03 Warriors attacking – strip mounted
CE-04 Warriors Standing – strip mounted
CE-05 Command
CE-06 Armoured cavalry
CE-07 Unarmoured cavalry
CE-08 Celtic / British light cavalry
CE-09 Javelin and skirmishers – Single figures
CE-10 Gaisatai Fanatics – Single figures
CE-11 Celtic / British Slingers – Single figures
CE-12 Archers – Singles figures
CE-13 Celtic / British Slingers – Strip mounted
CE-14 Archers – Strip mounted
CE-15 Celtic / British light chariots


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