6 Dec 2019

New Commission from Warmonger Miniatures

New Commission from Warmonger Miniatures

Moving on... I've commissioned Landsknecht heroes with Bob Naismith: 3 hero types, 1 paymaster type, a new banner/musician strip, knight hero and banner, reiter hero and banner, and a general (ala Maximilian I).

No time-frame yet, but I'm going back to Kickstarter for this one since the Husaria pre-order wasn't even a blip on people's radar. If I had to guess, I'd say April but as always it'll depend on when I get the greens from Bob and the production costs from D&D.

Since this is pretty much "it" for the Landsknechte I'll be offering army deals this time around. I'm thinking four: Zwei/Pike/Arq, Zwei/Halb/Cross, Cavalry, Artillery. Buy some, get one free (plus bases), pre-packaged kind of stuff.

Stretch goals will be Wizard/Priest sculpt(s), and then Birdmen (can people live with 3 per stand (9 total)?).

Warmonger Miniatures

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