18 Jan 2020

Bob Naismith, Sculptor

Bob Naismith, Sculptor


I am a scot living near Nottingham England with my lady wife and our dog. I have been a freelance designer/sculptor for more than twenty five years before which I worked for Games Workshop in Nottingham.

In my freelance career I have worked for companies such as Hasbro, Parker Games, Waddingstons, Bluebird Toys, Games Workshop, etc

My original background was a figure sculptor but for the last ten years or so i have also been working digitally.

I went to Art School first where I studied Graphics and Silversmithing. After that I started a small company (still going!) called Naismith Design. I made 25mm and 15mm wargame figures – mostly historical along with a multitude of model ships mostly in 1:3000 scale.

Then I joined Citadel Miniatures and spent six very entertaining years there – While there I worked on standard Fantasy as well as the early design work for Rogue Trader (Warhammer 40000) – making significant contributions to many of the key models.

After Citadel I freelanced for many many different companies – too many to mention but certainly most of the major toy and model soldier companies are in there!

So now I still freelance but saw how much Kickstarter could help people realise their dreams and I thought that I’d have a go!

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Parker Games
Bluebird Toys
Games Workshop
Warmonger Miniatures

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