3 Oct 2019

Project Update #11: Samurai-Ninja-Warrior-Monk-Ratmen Army Kickstarter from Cromarty Forge

Project Update #11: Samurai-Ninja-Warrior-Monk-Ratmen Army Kickstarter from Cromarty Forge

Beautiful, highly detailed, lead free pewter and resin, rat-men army for 10mm tabletop wargaming.

95% Sent

Hi All,

I have dispatched all but two of the parcels, one I have been asked to hold onto because the recipient is on holiday, the other (Eric P. please see below) because I am waiting for a couple of additional items from my caster to complete their order. I know that a couple of people in the UK have already received their parcels, let me know on facebook or here when your packs arrive, I'm very interested to see how long that side of the process takes.

Can I take a moment to say thank you for all your feedback on the survey forms, your encouragement is a huge boost. Your thoughts on additions to this army and suggestions for future armies are also inspiring. My next venture will be a norse themed undead army with zombies (picture below is a work in progress that comes from my screen right now), after that is either lizard men or tree elves.

zombies work in progress

I hope that my Ratmen bring you joy at the painting table and on the battlefield, they were great fun to sculpt, and an education to kickstart. I'll share some more pictures of the next army once I get Eric's parcel out. In the meantime, here are some pictures that show how to put together your war-machines.

War Machines picture 1

War Machines picture 2

War Machines picture 3

Eric, sorry your pack will be a couple of days later than the rest, if you let me know what you want I'll slip an additional unit into it.

Cromarty Forge

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