4 Oct 2019

Giveaway from Dancing Yak Miniatures

Giveaway from Dancing Yak Miniatures

Dancing Yak Miniatures GIVEAWAY

Hi we want to give back a little. So at random we will give away 3 prizes. Winners will be randomly draw. We are giving you several ways to enter. Each gets tickets. Your total number of tickets will be entered. We are giving 3 $15 vouchers for use in our store, addons for kickstarter order,3d printing and commissions. If you live in the USA we can also offer instead a bunch of 10mm metal models to you free of charge far outweighing the value of voucher instead .sadly we are unable to offer physical models as prizes due to shipping restraints to rest of the world unless you have already ordered from ks ,in that case we can add them to your order . We will run this for two weeks till the 18th we will not take late entries. We will draw them randomly on the 20th .

We thank you for your support

The Dancing Yak team

Ways to enter

1. Like post. 1 ticket
2. You’re a teacher, medical, firefighter, military, social worker or other equitable job please post We serve as a comment . Honor system thank you for the good you do. 1 ticket
3. Post picture of one of our stls you printed, can get 1 ticket for each item different.
4. Share post on group or site 5 tickets (must be able to see from page, can’t see hidden/secret groups) multiple shares will only get a single ticket after first. None will be given for post already made to groups by others.
5. Give money to charity, yes give few to something you find to be important. (take a picture or video and post it under this in some way showing you have given. Hell a video or picture of a PayPal donation or putting money in a charity jar works. 5 tickets
6. Comment on this post with something you want to see made. 1 ticket
7. Post to instagram, twitter extra linking this giveaway. Make sure to let us know it was you. 2 tickets
8. Make us laugh with comments 2 ticket
9. Do a good deed. Can be spending time with family, volunteering or hell waiting ten seconds and holding door open. Can’t be giving to charity. Honor system just type, good deed done in comments. 1 ticket (1 per person)
10. Show of you painting/work space 1 ticket
11. Draw a picture and message us with something you want to see made may be done. No ip or others art please. 2 tickets

Dancing Yak Miniatures

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