7 Aug 2019

Project Update #25: War Across Europe 3D Print STL files, Kickstarter from WOW Buildings

Project Update #25: War Across Europe 3D Print STL files, Kickstarter from WOW Buildings

WOWBuildings War Across Europe 3D Printing stl Files.

OK guys its that time again, a few more backers hopefully to open as many stretches as we can, remember no matter what there will be at least one unlocked so i will add if needed.

Anyway a few details for those who are new to my KS projects on how i work afterwards, first off my ongoing support never ends no matter what project you have backed of mine so any issues no matter how small just let me know and i will get a fix done asap.

Best way of reporting them is my KS facebook page

email here wowbuildings@hotmail.com

So at the end i will start straight away to give a quick check and cut any files that need cutting (200x200), but i also leave the full design up too for those that cut themselves, i will leave shell buildings up to for those that don't need inners. the folder links will be sent withing a few days of end, they will be in you KS message box, if you haven't had a link after 3 days contact me. the files will go up daily over the following week to 10 days so don't worry if there are only a few to start they will go in quite quickly.

i have thickened walls slightly from my usual and detail is slightly more too so that the prints will go down to 6mm, but those that do let me know if there are any that fail, some fine detail though might always be hit and miss but brickwork, roof tiles etc should be fine.

OK i think that's enough for now except for a massive THANK YOU from me to you, i cant do it without your backing and this project has been my record one so far so i hope to keep you guys (and dolls) happy, because you have made me so................bye for now back very soon...........i am here constantly for any questions or just general chat sometimes is wanted.

WOW Buildings

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