9 Aug 2019

Smashed Out Some Pre-orders from Traders Galaxy

Smashed Out Some Pre-orders from Traders Galaxy

Smashed out some pre-orders today and sent off the confirmation emails. Should be able to smash out the rest tomorrow or at least by Sunday.

It just depends if i get distracted gating and
Venting the Democracy mould for its first cast.

Hmm so much to do. Trafficstop, smokey and bandit and a repaired Ironskin and rewarp need moulding.

I am thinking the Infesters should really be cleaned and moulded this week too.

Then still Hydro, Nekton, Sandcrawler, mudskipper, Gunship for atlantica

Then communicator, mirror warriors, dark
Angel, Electrotyrant, cassettes for deceivers

Then highway pirate bashers and


So much to do.

Remember, this months exclusive mini is Rielse. An awesome female Valiant sculpt.
She is available free with orders of $200aud or more.

Traders Galaxy

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