23 Aug 2019

Overlords - Reptile WIP from Traders Galaxy

Overlords - Reptile work in progress

Overlords - Reptile work in progress

One of Gorg’s earliest successes, Reptile is the accumulation of one of this planets apex predators mixed with a little Gargantuan Cryas Reaper from Declan 4 and a few other tidbits from across 3 other worlds.

Reptile’s fierceness in the arena brought attention and riches for Gorg who was originally only a tier 3 Overlord rank. Now tier 2, Gorg approaches governor level on his planet.

While not a champion of champions, Reptile still had the uncanny ability to put on a great show which after all is what the arena is all about. Unless a full champion usually an Overlords progeny provides high level protein fodder for new Shark Warriors once they retire . However Gorg has a soft spot for Reptile and, as such, Reptile is one of Gorgs most capable royal body guards.

Fierce beyond reckoning, Reptile embodies the nastiest qualities from the spliced dna that make up his parts. His strength can literally rip even the most powerful bots in half and he wields his energy halberd with supreme skill.

Traders Galaxy

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