9 Aug 2019

10mm Chieftain from The Plastic Soldier Company Ltd

10mm Chieftain from The Plastic Soldier Company Ltd

Not so much a new product reveal this Friday, but time to show the first tests of new processes...

These are the first test casts of a new plastic technology we are looking at to lower costs while still maintaining detail, design and durability.

It's a long way off finished, but we thought we would share these initial test pieces 'straight out of the mould' so to speak. So excuse the flash and seams as these are purely test pieces, not cleaned up and not production casts at all... we have some way to go before that, but we are pretty happy with the direction so far! These test pieces will be off to our studio for painting to see how that goes... Making sure all aspects work for gamers is key before we go on.

Here you can see the 10mm PSC Chieftain, a four piece kit, that will be around 1/144th scale.


Chieftain picture 1

Chieftain picture 2

Just to show we ain't forgotten our other scales... a test using our 20mm DAK too!

The Plastic Soldier Company Ltd