12 Jul 2018

WOW Buildings

WOW Buildings


I know the prices of getting your files printed is pretty restrictive at times so here at WOWBuildings we would like to offer you the chance to save some of your hard earned hobby savings.

I have started selling licences for people to be able to sell the printed versions of my designs, for that reason i don't print myself anymore, i want to concentrate on designing so the files will be available through WOWbuildings but printing is done by the licensees.

the licenced sellers also have full rights to sell the printed versions and can set their own prices. i am happy to steer you to them if you let me know where you are based i will let you know who is in your zone as best i can.

I do myself have a few contacts here in the UK who have the licence and will do you very competitive quotes so again just let me know what you are looking for and i will pass you on to them, please bear in mind printed items although i guarantee the files will print i am not connected to the printers so once i pass you on the deal has no connection to WOWbuildings

Science Fiction, Buildings
World War I, Buildings
World War II, Buildings

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WOW Buildings
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